As a professional photographer I have travelled around the world, concentrating on environmental portraiture, panoramic landscapes, color, and stock photography. If you are interested in purchasing any of these images as a photographic print, please use the “Contact” button on the upper left corner of the page, or the button on the upper right on mobile devices.

Otavalo (Ecuador 2013-983) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2013
Quito (Ecuador 2013-667) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2013
Quito (Ecuador 2013-716) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2013
Quito (Ecuador 2013-847) © Neil A Meyerhoff 2013
Otavalo (Ecuador 2013-969) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2013
Otavalo (Ecuador 2013-947) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2013
Marrakesh (Morocco 2014-2561) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2014
Habana Vieja (Cuba 2016-3524) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016
Habana Vieja (Cuba 2016-3534) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016
Habana Vieja (Cuba 2016-3543) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016
Nara Prefecture (Japan 2016-1247) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016
Kyoto (Japan 2016-1426) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016
Kyoto (Japan 2016-2539) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016
Kyoto (Japan 2016-2550) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016
Hiroshima Prefecture (Japan 2016-4289) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016
Arashhiyama, Kyoto Prefecture (Japan 2016-2113) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016

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