Mount Fuji, seen from Shinkansen train, headed south-west from Tokyo (Japan 2016-24) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016
Window With Vines, Takayama (Japan 2016-157) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016
Temple With Tori Gates, Takayama (Japan 2016-218) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016
Umbrella Reflected in Pond, Hokkeji Temple Hondo, Takayama (Japan 2016-290) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016
Stone Lantern with Fall Foliage, Ritsuin Temple, Kyoto Prefecture (Japan 2016-818) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016
Stone Lantern with Red Maple Leaves, Ritsuin Temple, Kyoto Prefecture (Japan 2016-858) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016
Hokko Soji-in Pagoda, Mount Hiei, Kyoto Prefecture (Japan 2016-1005) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016
Stone Lantern In Front Of Yellow Leaved Tree, Horyuji Temple, Nara (Japan 2016-1213) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016
Giant Buddha, Todai-ji Temple, Nara (Japan 2016-1340) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016
Schoolgirls with Umbrellas, Kodaj-ji Temple, Nara (Japan 2016-1450) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016
Couple with Clear Umbrellas, Nara (Japan 2016-1450) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016
Stone Lantern and Gate, Yasaka Temple, Kyoto (Japan 2016-1158) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016
Fall Leaves on the Ground, Kyoto (Japan 2016-1193) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016
View of Fall Foliage and Pond From Pavilion, Kodaiji Temple, Kyoto (Japan 2016-1326) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016
Bamboo Stand, Kodaiji Temple, Kyoto (Japan 2016-1382) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016
Gardener Raking Leaves, Suihoji (Moss Garden) Temple, Kyoto (Japan 2016-2095) ©Neil A Meyerhoff, 2016
Katsura Imperial Garden, Kyoto (Japan 2016-2347) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016
Fans For Sale, Kyoto (Japan 2016-2450) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016
Koyasunotoh Pagoda, Kiyomizu-dera Temple, Kyoto (Japan 2016-2459) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016
Kiyomizu-dura Pagoda Seen Through Fall Foliage, Kyoto (Japan 2016-2513) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016
Lanterns, Itsukushima Shrine, Miyajima (Japan 2016-3183) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016
Heron and Ducks in Water Reflecting Itksukushima Shrine, Miyajima (Japan 2016-3679) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016
O-Torii Gate, Itsukishima Shrine, Miyajima (Japan 2016-3792) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016
Atomic Bomb Dome, Hiroshima (Japan 2016-4064) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016

Pond at Motsu-ji Temple, UNESCO site, Iwate Prefecture (Japan 2017-1358) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2017

Torri gates, Akado Hall, Chuson-ji Temple, UNESCO site, Iwate Prefecture (Japan 2017-1743) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2017

Bamboo Grove, Chuson-ji Temple, UNESCO site, Iwate Prefecture (Japan 2017-1814) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2017

Torri gate reflected in water, Chuson-ji Temple, UNESCO site, Iwate Prefecture (Japan 2017-1842) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2017

West Moat, Hiroaski Park, Aomori Prefecture (Japan 2017-3435) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2017

Takaoka-Bashi bridge, Hirosaki Park, Aomori Prefecture (Japan 2017-3544) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2017

Japanese businessmen with umbrellas, Hirosaki Park, Aomori Prefecture (Japan 2017-3951) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2017

Takaoka-Bashi bridgett night, Hirosaki Park, Aomori Prefecture (Japan 2017-4018) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2017

Statues at Shinto shrine, Matsume, Hokkaido Prefecture (Japan 2017-4735) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2017

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