Japan-People-2016 & 2017

This project contains portraits taken with the knowledge of the subjects, some more posed than others. Many Asian females, not Japanese, now wear inexpensive kimonos, while visiting shrines and temples, and love having their photos taken.

Digital Photography
Asian Woman On Bus, Kyoto (Japan 2016-1640) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016
Schoolgirl Eating Snack On Stick, Takayama (Japan 2016-307( ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016
Four Australian Women Visiting Fushima Inari Shrine, Kyoto (Japan 2016-654) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016
Young Japanese Girl, Kyoto (Japan 2016-692) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016
Young Boy On Funicular, Mount Hiei, Kyoto (Japan 2016-900) © Neil A Meyerhoff 2016
Priest, Mount Hiei, Kyoto (Japan 2016-917) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016
Japanese Railways Employee, Nara Prefecture (Japan 2016-1149) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016
Two Boys On Train Platform, Nara Prefecture (Japan 2016-1252) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016
Young Woman On Train, Nara Prefecture (Japan 2016-1281) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016
Priest With Umbrella, Todai-ji Temple, Nara (Japan 2016-1425) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016
Woman Dressed As Geisha, Yasaka Temple, Kyoto (Japan 2016-1166) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016
Gardener, Kodai-ji Temple, Kyoto (Japan 2016-1360) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016
Young Malaysian Girl Dressed In Kimono, Nara (Japan 2016-1403) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016
Five Asian Girls Wearing Kimonos, Yasaka Temple (Japan 2016-1469) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016
Two Schoolgirls At Itsukushima Shrine, Miyajima (Japan 2016-3152) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016
Young Woman On Commuter Train, Hiroshima (Japan 2016-3903) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016
Woman Taking Selfie At Atomic Bomb Dome, Hiroshima (Japan 2016-4203) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016
Young Girl On Commuter Train, Hiroshima (Japan 2016-4224) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016

Girls taking selfie at local Cherry Blossom festival, Kitakami, Iwate Prefecture (Japan 2017-2429) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2017

Girls at local Cherry Blossom festival, Kakunodate, Akita Prefecture (Japan 2017-2813) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 201s

High school boys at local Cherry Blossom festival, Kakunodate, Akita Prefecture (Japan 2017-2952) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2017

Young woman on bridge, Hirosaki Park, Aomari Prefecture (Japan 2017-3822) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2017

Boy with umbrella, Hirosaki Park, Aomari Prefecture (Japan 2017-3957) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2017

Young woman In pink, Hirosaki Park, Aomari Prefecture (Japan 2017-4324) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2017

Woman wearing print blouse, Hirosaki Park, Aomari Prefecture (Japan 2017-4364) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2017

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