As a professional photographer I have travelled around the world, concentrating on environmental portraiture, panoramic landscapes, color, and stock photography. If you are interested in purchasing any of these images as a photographic print, please use the “Contact” button on the upper left corner of the page, or the button on the upper right on mobile devices.

Cuba-Color and People

Having visited Cuba five times from 2000-2002, and again in 2013 and 2016, I am overwhelmed by the tropical color and the openness of the people.

Digital Photography
Boy Walking to School, Trinidad, Cuba ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2000 
Mother and Child, Central Market, Havana. (Cuba 2013-289) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2013
School Girl in Havana (Cuba 2013-574) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2013
School Girl at Jose Marti parade, Parque Central, Havana (Cuba 2013-934) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2013
"Sábado de Rumba", Vedado, Havana (Cuba 2013-1296) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2013
"Sábado de Rumba", Vedado, Havana (Cuba 2013-1637) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2013
Little Girl, Havana Centro (Cuba 2013-2622) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2013
Man Fishing on the Malecon, Havana (Cuba 2016-124) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016
Mother and Daughter, Havana Centro (Cuba 2016-1166) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016

Two Middle-School Girls, Bejucal (Cuba 2016-1458) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016
School Nurse and Teacher, Bejucal (Cuba 2106-1569) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016
Man with Piercings, Havana Centro (Cuba 2016-1684) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016
Young Woman with Ice Cream Cone, Calle Obisbo, Havana (Cuba 2016-3535) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016
Boat at Dockyard, Cojimar, Havana (Cuba-2016-3859) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016
Turquoise Car, Cojimar, Havana (Cuba 2016-4003) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016
Two Dancers, Havana Centro (Cuba 2016-4643) ©Neil A Meyerhoff 2016

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